Unsolved mystery of China’s dwarf village!


Most of us must have heard stories about pygmies from our grand parents in childhood. Ironically, it’s a real-life tale of a Chinese village, where most of the residents are Lilliputians.  Shichuaan village, lying deep in the interior of China, has hogged limelight for the smaller heights of the residents.

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Over 50 percent population is pygmy

According to residents of the village, the growth of the people literally stops at 5, 7 or 10 years of their age. Usually, we find miniscule percentage of dwarf-people in any population. According to one estimate, out of every 20000 population, 0.005 percent people are Lilliputian. But at Yangtsi village in China, almost 50 percent people are pygmy. Here the people attain the maximum height of 2 ft to 3 ft 10 inches. The village is, thus known as a ‘hamlet of Lilliputians’ by the locals.

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Many fled Yangtsi village due to fear

Since 1911, the news regarding dwarf population in the village trickled down, but it was only confirmed officially in 1951, which found the villagers suffering from a strange disorder that stunts their growth. In 1985 census, 119 cases of pygmy people came to light. This did not stop here and continued to increase since then. Many started fleeing the village to protect their children from the disorder.

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Still a mystery today

The village has posed a big question mark to the world. What made the village,which was earlier cramming with normal people got transformed into a village of Lilliputians? Scientists have, on innumerable occasions, studied the soil, water, food-grains, etc., of the area to ascertain the cause of dwarfness but to no avail. After 60 years of rigorous research it still remains a mystery.


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