Scientist Munir Khan has proved through his study and research that the treatment of cancers treated as irreversible with Ayurvedic medicine is possible. Impressed by his achievements, the prestigious University of South Korea has given him an honorary doctorate.

Scientist Munir Khan believes that primitive and modern culture has basic research and inventions on its basis. From these research and inventions today we are on the stage of development. All the items and amenities we use in our daily routine are the result of research and inventions. If all of these are removed from our lives, then we will again be in the primitive position. But here it is necessary to understand that these boons of science are becoming a curse for us. We are ignoring Nature in the race of modernity. This is causing many kinds of problems. So these days the debate is on the verge that we should do development by destroying nature or stepping in with it.
Munir Khan is a live example of this He studied and researched the ancient texts of Ayurveda and gave revolutionary results by researching the scientific knowledge of the deep knowledge contained in it. Impressed by his research, South Korea’s prestigious KEISIE International University has honoured him with an honorary doctorate.
Epidemic cancer
Like in the whole world, the number of those who lost their lives in cancer in India is growing. Around 5.56 million people died due to cancer last year. According to the World Health Organisation, next year it will increase by two lakhs and by the year 2025 these jumps can be 5 times as many as possible. According to an estimate, in India about 7 lakh people suffer cancer every year. These figures are not like a personal illness, but like a nationwide epidemic. These are also horrendous figures which are linked to the treatment of this disease. Only one doctor is available in our country for 2000 cancer patients. The rapidly growing cancer patients, seeing this, will see that this ratio will reach the shameful position.
Is treatment or trauma?
The fact that the cancer is more concerned with the growing number of patients is that we are relied upon to treat such a medical practice which is not only very expensive but also completely effective. The treatment of cancer from the chemotherapy that is very fatal. Through this, the cancer cells that are present in the body are eliminated, but through this process healthy cells are destroyed, and the formation of new cells is also interrupted. This reduces the immunity resistance necessary to combat the diseases of the body. Apart from this, there are also side effects such as hair loss, lack of blood, fatigue, changes in skin, insomnia, depression and irritability. Many times these side effects prove to be fatal.
Ayurveda is a ray of hope
Due to not having significant success in cancer treatment from allopathy, scientists from all over the world are worried that if there is no cure method to treat this deadly disease soon, then it will take the form of pandemic. Ayurveda has emerged as a ray of hope in this period of despair. Over the last few years, there has been a surprising increase in the number of scientists researching Ayurveda. The results that are coming out are definitely enjoyable. The Government of India has also taken an important initiative in this direction. In the past, there was an agreement between the country’s AYUSH Ministry and the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi. According to this, cancer treatment in Jhajjar National Cancer Institute will be done in addition to allopathy and Ayurvedic method. It will also be researched that some Ayurvedic medicines can be used more effectively in the treatment of cancer. Hopefully it will have better results and the scope of research will increase over time.
Munir Khan looks forward
Today, when Ayurveda is becoming an important alternative to cancer treatment all over the world, then it is necessary to mention about 30 years of sadhana in this area of ​​Munir Khan. Already 30 years ago, Khan had realized that the only correct treatment for cancer is possible from Ayurveda. Munir Khan, after studying the ancient books of Ayurveda, proposed by Lord Dhanvantri, Maharishi Chyawan and Charak, Munir Khan conducted a thorough research through scientific method that it was possible that only correct treatment of cancer is possible by Ayurvedic method. Thousands of beneficiaries have benefited from a mixture of Ayurvedic medicines that they have prepared for the treatment of cancer. His historic contribution to the field of Ayurveda is not only available to the country but also abroad. Munir Khan, who has been honoured with many awards, was awarded the honorary doctorate by the renowned university of South Korea. Khan says that this title is a proof of universal acceptance of Ayurveda.
New Sales and Resistance
Following the esoteric study and deep research, Munir Khan, who has prepared ‘body revival’ with Ayurvedic medicines to fight cancer to eliminate cancerous cancer cells (cells) in the body and create new cells. Munir Khan explains that ‘cancer cells infects’. If they are not removed from the body then it infects all the cells of the body. Allopathy does not distinguish infected and healthy skills. It also destroys all the cells, disrupts the construction of new skills. There are several types of side effects, which often leads to the death of the patient. While body revival eliminates infected skills, but does not have any adverse effect on healthy skills, but rather creates new skills faster. Body Revival also enhances the immune system’s resistance to diseases within the body. This improves patient’s health rapidly.
Smoking is not the only reason…
In India it is a common belief that cancer is caused by smoking or by eating gutkha paan masala. If a person gets cancer, who does not smoke or does not eat Gutkha paan masala, then his family members will often be found saying that there was no addiction, but still it became a life-threatening disease. Munir Khan says, ‘It is important to remove this illusion that cancer is caused by smoking or by eating gutkha paan masala’. Munir Khan says that ‘there are many more reasons of cancer’. People’s changing lifestyle and catering is one of them. By eating more fat and less fiber,cancer is progressing fast. “If you look at the data, then this claim of mine is proved right. According to the latest report by the World Health Organisation, 14 lakh new cases of this disease occur every year in the world, of which about 7 lakh people die. This number is only when 40 to 50 percent of the cases can be detected due to less information.
Plastic-aluminum fatal
These days, new scientific research has proved that the use of plastic and aluminium is the cause of cancer. While Munir Khan made this fact public 25 years ago They say, “Today scientists are saying that plastic and aluminium have cancer, but I had said all this 25 years ago. I had told that all kinds of plastic would leave the chemical after a time. Less micron plastic is more dangerous. Of this, there is a chemical called polycyclic hydrocarbon, which causes cancer. When we store food items in plastic boxes or utensils, then this chemical reaches our body to give birth to cancer. This is exactly what is with aluminium. We should not use boxes and utensils made of plastic and aluminium”. Munir Khan considers pesticides being used in farming as the cause of cancer.
Do not panic, get treatment
Most deaths from cancer are due to lack of information and unnecessary fear. Munir Khan says, “If there is a wound anywhere in your body, which can not be filled. There are lumps in the body that are gradually increasing and pain is caused by pressing it. There is a continuous complaint of indigestion There is difficulty in swallowing the food. Continuous vomiting There is constant pain in the stomach. If you have swelling or pain in the nose If there is a problem in breathing, then you should immediately do your investigation while not careless. If cancer is found only in the early stage, then the treatment is easily done. Although end-patients with Ayurvedic method also get cured, it is dangerous to ignore it even after showing signs of cancer. “Munir Khan says that cancer is not a cure disease. They say that if you get the right treatment at the right time then this disease can be eliminated from the root. Need is not to be afraid of it, to fight. ‘


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