Viral check : Abdul Kalam, Indira Gandhi and PM Modi in a same frame!


[Qaiynaat Rehmani]

A picture on social media has become a rage of sort. The picture poses several questions: Had PM Narendra Modi ever advised the late PM Indira Gandhi? Had he enjoyed proximity with the former Iron Lady of India? Jia Mumbai has explored a shocking fact:

Viral test of a sepia-colored picture!

The picture portrays, former Prez and scientist late Dr APJ Abdul Kalam informing the late premier Indira Gandhi vis a vis certain space programme. Narendre Modi was seen standing behind Kalam. The message says – Modi used to assist Kalam in ISRO programme. Jia Mumbai delves deep to scoop out the truth – which is mind- rattling.

In this 1980 picture Narendra Modi was looking quite young. When Jia Mumbai researched, it found the picture morphed. Actually scientist Satish Dhavan is there in the original picture, which was replaced by Modi through photoshop techniques. The original picture is before you:


It has become customary these days to portray morphed pictures on social media which is akin to twisting truth. You are, thus, advised to verify the authenticity of the images that appear on social media.


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