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New Delhi: Plastic rice has captured the attention of people these days. It has become a rage on social media too where several videos to this effect are being circulated showing how children are plyaing with balls made by plastic rice. This may sound strange but this is as true as the azure sky over us. The complaint against this is frequently trickling down from Delhi, Uttarakhand, Hyderabad and many other places.

People complain about plastic rice

The Food Safety Department (FSD) after rigorous investigation found no such evidence against the plastic rice. The FSD has prepared a report based on tests carried out on 27 odd samples of rice in the national capital. It rejected the contention and reported that in Delhi there is no availability of plastic rice.

On the contrary, complaint against plastic rice is coming from different areas of Hyderabad, such as Char Minar, Yusufguda, Sarurnagar, Mirpet, etc. Based on the complaints, the Telangana Food Supply Department had sent the rice samples to laboratory for testings. The report, however, found no synthetic rice.

In a whole-sale market at Haldawani in Uttarakhand, people claim that they’ve seen plastic rice being sold by wholesalers as well as retailers. They said, when such synthetic rice is cooked, it tastes different and takes longer time to cook. The water left after the cooked rice is separated from it gets converted to plastic after sometime.

Doctors say, its prolonged consumption may cause cancer. These can be easely distinguished from the original rice as this shines more as if polished. During cooking , the aroma resembles that of a typical plastic and it’s lighter than the original rice grains.


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