[Qaiyenaat Rehmani]

Mumbai: May 30 is observed as ‘Hindi Patrakarita Divas’ (Hindi Journalism Day). Though the newspapers’ history is as old as the human civilization; the first Hindi newspaper was published on May 30, 1826. On this day Pandit Jugalkishor Shukla kad published his his newspaper ‘Udant Martandya’ from Kolkata.

Meaning of ‘Udant Martandya’

It had a deeper meaning which reflected the social conditions prevailing then. It meant – ‘Samachar Surya’ (News Sun). Keeping up with its name, the newspaper was like a sun in the newspaper world. There was no Hindi newspaper then, the Udant Martandya was the first of its kind that quenched the thirst of Hindi readers who were till then groping in the dark.


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