Mumbai: You must have watched a sci-fi Indian movie that hit the silver screen in 2011 – ‘Ra – One’ where a computer game character happens to come out and started searching Shahrukh Khan’s son to complete the game.

This remains a fictional story, as a computer game recently launched is sending shivers down one’s spine. It is taking life of the people. Online game on smartphone is becoming part of life. May be you are having ‘Candy Crush’ or ‘Pokemon’ in your phone that keep you busy during leisurely hours. But in some countries these games are acquiring ominous proportion.

‘Blue Whale Challenge’ is an online game which has taken the lives of 130-odd children in Russia alone, during November 2015 till today. In London around 100 have committed suicide during the same period.

What is ‘Blue Whale Challenge’?

So dreary is this game that people have started calling it ‘Suicide Game’. There is an online social media group which provoke users to inflict self torture and even motivate to commit suicide.

According to tech-savvy sources, the game has 50 rounds. The admin of this online group decides daily, for 50 odd days, on allocation of works to players. The task becomes tough on every passing day – which includes watching horror movie or sleeping at odd hours.  At the final stage, the children are asked to commit suicide.

This application-based game is being provided through WhatsApp. If your child gets tempted to it stop him from falling prey to it. Many schools have already warned the parents and students about the ruinous effect of this game.

Many succumbs to the ‘suicide game’ 

According to UK media, some people had started the game after watching horror movies. The depicted producing cut on the character’s body which ended in suicide. They used to share such idiosyncratic acts on social media.

The victims of the game leaves a parting message  – END’ , on social media.

Recently, a girl has posted live video of her suicide. She jumped into a lake, just to fulfill the challenge of the game.

Coventry: Warning over Blue Whale Challenge craze after 13-year-old dies #coventry

— Midlands News (@Midlands_News) May 22, 2017


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