Video : Kidnapping Caught On Camera !


[Rajesh Shetty]

Bangalore: A four-year kid has disappeared from Banawar station in Karnataka state on May 7. He was with his parents to visit Jawagal Shareef Dargah (mausoleum). It was, literally, a nightmare when they discovered that their son was missing.

 The child is missing since May 7 and cops are leaving no stone unturned to find the child and bring his abductors to book. Police got a CCTV footage in which a woman is seen leaving the station carrying a bag with a child who is draped in white trouser and sky-blue T-shirt.

The harried parents have published pamphlets carrying photograph of the kid with vital details, like age, height, skin-complexion, dress, contact number, etc. The police suspect the hand of a gang operating in the area those who lift child.

Speaking to Jia Mumbai, senior police inspector of Javgal said that the police is banking on CCTV footage.



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