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Bariatric surgeon Muffazal Lakdawala treating the ‘world’s most obese woman’ says, her sister has been denigrating doctors – those who are attending on her, the moment she was informed that Eman would be discharged…

Mumbai: A 150 seconds video released by the sister of Eman Ahmed, – an obese Egyptian woman, says Eman is awfully unwell and sick and the Saifee Hospital in the city, where she is receiving medical assistance, are neglecting her sister.

Terming bariatric surgeon Muffazal Lakdawala a hypocrite, Shaimma Selim, in a video recorded on April 14 alleges that, he befooled the kin by assuring she would be in good health and would shed obeisity, but contrary to his claim Eman’s life has been shattered.

Doctors attending on her at Saifee Hospital, while contradicting Shaimma’s allegation say, she has been circulating a video denigrating them for over two weeks since the time they informed her that Eman can now be taken home to Egypt.

However, Shaimaa called the doctors claim that Eman has shed flab a phony statement. She alleged, “They have not weighed her since she was admitted to the hospital, till date. If they have, they should prove it in a before-and-after video.”

Eman, who wore 500 kilos at the time of her admission to Saifee Hospital on February 11, had been confined to the bed in her home in Alexandria, Egypt for the last 25 years. She was flown to Mumbai in an Egypt Air cargo plane on February 11 and underwent bariatric surgery on March 7 after losing an initial 100 kilos through a strict protein-rich liquid diet.

Contradicting her statement, Dr Muffazal Lakdawala said she was defaming them and said when they informed her that they are planning to send Eman home soon they started throwing tantrums. “As a bariatric surgeon, I did my best, but I do not have the expertise to treat her neurological problem. Her stroke history has always been a cause for concern for which we plan to do a CT scan before sending her home,” said Dr Lakdawala. He further said, “Eman’s treatment procedure has been documented and world class doctors have been on board in advising Saifee Hospital doctors about the course of her treatment.”


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