[Subhash Yadav]

Mumbai: The scorching heat has begun which has already started affecting health issues. JIA Mumbai shares with its readers how to take preventive measures to avert heat stroke and dehyderation during hot months of summer. Here are few home made remedies which one can apply to avert ill-effects of heat.

* Drink plain (unrefrigerated) water and keep splashing it on your face.

* Pour few drops of perfume in a bottle full of water and spree it in the limited time which will not only give good fragrance in the sweaty heat but also will keep you fresh.

* Apply cucumber juice on your face which will work as a natural moisturiser. It will also keep you safe from sunburn problems.

* Applying natural things like grated sandalwood, tulsi and rose will give relief in heat. After getting back to home from a tiring schedule, apply Multani clay and sandalwood powder.

* Apply neem and basil paste. Soak the leaves of rose in water and wash your face, skin will remain soft.

* Apply two or three drops of glycerin, rose water mixed with sandalwood, cucumber juice on the face which will provide relief.



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