Nazneen serzameen is a teacher who shared her thought on Women’s Day with our reporter Qaiynaat Rehmani

The excerpts:

Q. Your take on women’s day?

It’s a very special day for grooming women all over the world.

Q. Does such days influence change in the attitude of people?

It definitely triggers change to an extent. Rather, it boosts the confidence of farer-sex.

Q. How safe are women in Mumbai? Is it a safe city for women?

Yes, it is much safer than the other metropolitan cities in India.

Q. Is it safe to travel late in the evening in local trains?

Nowadays, it is much safer to travel since, the government has made necessary arrangements for the safety.

Q. Now women are occupying positions in almost every conceivable field; they are the CEOs in corporate houses, Chief of political parties, CM, ministers, etc. Still the occurrence of domestic violence as well as assaults on them elsewhere is soaring…your opinion?

I personally feel there is a huge requirement for acknowledgement of their basic rights.

Q. Role of media in highlighting your worries?

Media plays a vital role in the society. I feel it can change the perspective of people.

Q. Would you like to share any experience with us regarding how you feel ‘being a woman’?

Indeed, being a woman is a joy in itself. Yes there are challenges too, but I feel these make us more independent and strong.

Q. What message would you like to send to your fellow women on this day?

My message to women is to raise high your head. Think with an open mind and clear heart. This will make impossible things possible.


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